ITS (UK) launches new education campaign around transport technology

The UK’s Intelligent Transport Systems trade association, ITS (UK) is drawing up a series of case studies, fact sheets and blog posts explaining the benefits of using technology to deliver safer, greener and more efficient mobility.

The campaign follows a series of criticisms of some aspects of technology use, often around smart motorways, which it is feared are beginning to undermine the whole value proposition for ITS, which is the use of computers, communications, positioning and automation technologies to improve the safety, management and efficiency of transport.

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Ryan Hood, chair, ITS (UK)

“There is no doubt that a road that uses technology to provide greater situational awareness, identify anomalies and optimise traffic flow will be safer and more efficient than a dumb road with no technology”, explains ITS (UK) chair Ryan Hood of TRL. “Sadly, frequent negative stories in the press have begun to leak into a…

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